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Can you imagine that after being unfaithful to your partner instead of a fight, he asks you the least detail of the encounter and finish the story in the best sex of his life? Yes it is possible ...




This is a fetishism called cuckolding, a word that comes from "cuckold" in English, and that is growing in a way never seen before, more and more couples are enjoying this practice in even the searches of the subject in Google have doubled in The last 12 years.
A man who decides to share his wife, his partner, often the mother of his children with other men does it for different reasons, but the main ones are because he is not selfish and likes to see his wife happy.


hotwife dancing with his bull

Cuckolds like to see or imagine their wife having sex with other men, knowing the details and knowing what they enjoy.
Exposés do not agree with the motives behind this fetish, there are theories that speak of a repressed male bisexuality and others that speak of men who feel proud of having sexually liberated women.

Cuckolding Rules


Condon after the relationship

1. The hotwife must love her husband and not have contact with the corneador without consent of her husband.

2. The bull should be polite and respectful to the woman.

3. Both should take care of their cleanliness and good dressing. Always predisposed to seduce each other.

4. In the sexual act they should give a good show. The bull should be able to offer several orgasms to the hotwife.

5. The hotwife should be concerned about being a good lover, improving techniques and postures.

Like any fantasy that is lived in the couple must be rewarding for those who participate. It is not sex itself, but what is the role of each.



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